Computer: SQLape® tools are designed to run with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office software package (2016 to 2019). Dates must be configured in Windows in DD.MM.YYYY format (example: 30.05.2019).

Data: To use SQLape® tools, you have to prepare four data files on insured, bills, providers and drugs.

All data extracted from usual data from health insurers.


  1. Installation of SQLape.accde application

Copy the application in the subdirectory you want to use to run SQLape® tool (for instance: D:\SQLape-2019). You have to choose the 32 bits Microsoft version or the 64 bits Microsoft version.

  1. Running calculation

Set the dongle (grey colored) delivered by SQLape s.à.r.l. in a USB port of your computer, it will install automatically.

Open the subdirectory where you have placed the SQLape_input.txt file (for instance: D:\SQLape-2019).

Double-click on SQLape.accde application and wait for results.

  1. Visualisation process (optional, after step 2)