Eligible discharges.txt
#HospitalHospital identifier
#SiteLocation of the hospital
Year Year (most recent year in the SQLape_input.txt file, with at least 10% of records)
#PatientPatient identifier
#CaseIndex stay identifier (index stay = eligible for a possible readmission)
Age    Age at admission
Gender1 = male, 2 = female
Previous     Hospitalization during the six months prior to admission date
Programmed1 = planned, 0 = unplanned (corresponding to “admission mode” = 1 or 3 in SQLape_input.txt file)
#Group-AR Clinical groups, used to compute expected rates (labels in Excel table)
AdmissionDateAdmission date of the index stay (each eligible discharge)
DischargeDateDischarge date of the index stay (each eligible discharge)
AR0 Expected rate (see prediction models for more details, benchmark)
AR1Observed rate (internal or external, = 1 if potentially avoidable readmission, 0 if not)
ReadmissionDateAdmission date of the readmission stay (31.12.2999 if no readmission)
ARDelayAdmission date of the readmission – Discharge date of the index stay
#ReadmissionIdentifier of the readmission
ReadmissionHospitalIdentifier of the hospital of readmission
AR1i  Observed internal rate (= 1 if potentially avoidable readmission in the same hospital, 0 if not)
AR0_ANQExpected rate (all Swiss hospitals)