HHospital identifier
LLocation of the hospital
yYear (most recent year in the SQLape_input.txt file, with at least 10% of records)
nNumber of hospital stays
qCPData quality (warning if all requirements are not met)
sCPTotal of complications score:
10: premature death (PD1=1)
4: potentially avoidable readmission (AR1=1)$
4: potentially avoidable reoperation (RO1=1)
2: increased length of stay (LS1 > LS0)
1: no one of above conditions
scores are halved if complications are suspected but not clearly stated by diagnosis codes)
eCPNumber of eligible stays
CP1Observed score (average)
CP0Expected score (see prediction models for more details)
CP0minMinimal expected score (see prediction models for more details)
CP0maxMaximal expected score (see prediction models for more details)
RCPRate ratio (CP1 /CP0 )
CP0CHSwiss average in all Swiss hospitals from 2014-2016 satisfying data quality requirement
CP1aAdjusted rate (rate ratio * benchmark average)
A: low rate (CP1 < CP0min)
B: in the standard (CP0min < CP1 < CP0max)
C: high rate (CP1 > CP0max)
Complications indicators are given globally in “Complications_all.xlsx” Excel file. They are given in separate Excel files for each type of complications: shock, surgical infections, etc.