10 reasons why SQLape® is made for you

You wish to control health expenditure, monitor the quality of healthcare, or plan the use of hospital resources

SQLape® offers a set of more than 10 consistent tools and indicators

You are interested in analyzing hospital and/or ambulatory healthcare

SQLape® provides a set of tools to analyze both in- and outpatient healthcare, in an integrated public health point of view

You believe that patients’ classification systems should reflect the diversity of patients with a limited number of medically-intelligible categories

SQLape® uses a clinicaly-homogeous patients classification system based on few categories and controlling for explicit co-morbidities

You think that issues can only be solved with a constructive interdisciplinary effort based on commonly accepted indicators

SQLape® proposes reliable tools that are intelligible to manager, healthcare providers, and health system regulators

You are aware of the importance to have sensitive, specific and rigorously-defined health indicators

SQLape® rigorously defines all its indicators (sometimes with algorithms) to achieve best statistical results

You need highly predictive models scientifically validated

SQLape® develops highly-predictive adjustment models specific to each indicator and based on scientifically-validated statistical techniques

You want to reduce the risk of manipulation of the indicators

SQLape® constructs indicators that are reliable against coding practices

You advocate an ethical management

SQLape® is based on a grouper that minimizes pernicious effects, especially for resources allocation

You know the importance of analyzing healthcare throughout time

SQLape® takes into account the evolution of coding practices, but still recognizes former codes (up to 1998)

You have precious time that you rather spend on finding solution to improve healthcare than on computing indicators

SQLape® is very user-friendly: preparing input files and double-clicking on the SQLape® application is all you need to compute your indicators