In order to help you to find the causes of anomalies, SQLape-2016.accde application generates the file execution.csv, along with the results files. This file provides you with information on the problematic step (CHP = preparing Cases, Health problems and Procedures files), with the duration of its execution (T0 = beginning, T1 = end) and with a number of error or explanation text. Below, you will find a list of problems encountered by SQLape® users along with their causes and solutions. If you are not able to solve your issue with the information available on this page, please send us an email with your execution.csv (if available) and your SQLape_input.txt file.

Error: « 2950 »

Cause: Macros are prevented to execute on your PC.

Solution: Manually authorise the execution of macros on your PC. Example for Access 2010: Menu Files / Options / Trust center / Trust Center settings / Macro settings / Enable All Macros.

Error: SQLape software stops without creating all the TXT and CSV results files

Cause 1: The most current cause (including “file not found”) is related to functioning of the dongle.

Solution 1: Try to install it with Install.exe available by clicking on this link. Please choose the option “Fortress”.

Cause 2: The date format on your PC is incorrectly formatted.

Solution 2: Check that the date format on your PC uses the dot (« . ») as date separator (for example: « 31.07.2013 », not « 31/07/2013 » nor « 07/31/2013 »).

Cause 3: SQLape_input.txt is not correctly formatted.

Solution 3: Make sure your SQLape_input.txt follows the requirements. Notably control that it includes the proper number of variables, has semicolon (“;”) as separator and a CR (“carriage return”) at the end of each record.

Error: Access Runtime

Please, do not install Access Runtime if Microsoft Access is already installed on your computer!